Which Sleeping Position is Best For Your Health?

Everyone has their “go-to” sleep position, but have you ever wondered which P.M. pose is best for your health?

As much as your position affects the quality of your sleep, it also affects a vast variety of other things. Improper body positioning can lead to strain on your spine, cut-off circulation, heartburn, acid reflux, sleep apnea, etc. If you wake up in the morning and your neck or back is sore, you might want to re-evaluate your sleeping position.

Listed below are the sleeping positions ranked from best to worst for your overall health:

1.Sleeping on Your Back


This is the most neutral position for your body, but it’s definitely not the most popular. Studies have shown that only 10% of the population sleep on their back. Regarding the health benefits, this position allows your body to relax without having any extra pressure on your neck or back. It also allows your mattress to support your spine, decreasing the probability of pain. In the cosmetic world, this position is also best. Laying on your back allows your face to be exposed to air rather than being smashed in a pillow. Not a fan of facial wrinkles? No worries for you back sleepers! Sleeping on your back is also ideal for minimizing acid reflux (as you use a pillow, making sure your stomach is below your esophagus).

2. Sleeping on Your Side With Your Legs Straight


This position takes second place! This is because your spine is still elongated due to your legs being straight, also decreasing potential neck and back pain. This sleep position is actually best for those who struggle with sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder that occurs when a person's breathing is interrupted during sleep. Sleeping on your side allows your airways to remain open. Plus, your less likely to snore!

3. Sleeping in Fetal Position


A loose, fetal position with your back hunched and legs curled up, is the most popular sleeping position. Nearly half of adults choose this position, especially sleeping on the left side! This is a great position if you’re pregnant since it prevents your uterus from being smashed against your liver. It also improves circulation in the fetus and your body. However, if you’re not pregnant, this sleeping condition can restrict breathing in your diaphragm. Having your body curled up for an extended amount of time can also leave you feeling sore in the morning. If this is the only position you can sleep in, try placing a pillow between your legs to prevent back pain and reduce the strain on your hips.

4. Sleeping on Your Stomach


The only benefit of this sleeping position is that it’s good for getting rid of snoring. Besides that, this sleeping position has a lot of negative health effects. Sleeping on your stomach adds a lot of pressure and tension to your neck and back since your head is twisted and not in neutral alignment. You are also adding pressure to your joints and muscles, resulting in a cut-off of circulation. If you are a die-hard stomach sleeper, try propping your forehead up with a pillow, allowing your upper airways to remain open and keeping your neck in a more neutral position.

Now that you are aware of the benefits and cautions of each sleeping position, it’s important to also match your sleeping position with the right mattress. Stomach sleepers should have a firm mattress. These mattresses won’t allow sinking to occur, relieving pressure on the hips and knees. Back sleepers should have a medium-firm mattress. This type of mattress will form to the body, allowing the spine to lay naturally with no pressure points. If you’re a side sleeper, choose a mattress that is soft enough to let the shoulders and hips sink in just a bit. A plush mattress is a good example. If you are a combination sleeper, lean towards a medium-firm mattress. This type of bed is in the middle of the firmness scale and provides good support for every position. Your body will thank you for adjusting your sleeping position!

Regardless of your sleeping position, choose KulKote certified products when it comes to getting a good night’s rest. Our KulKote technology will regulate your body temperature while you sleep. This will prevent you from waking up during the night, interrupting your sleep cycle. You’re body will thank you for that too!