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Head-to-Toe Self-Care Strategies for Any Age

For people who lead extremely busy lives, making time for healthy activities can seem like a luxury. That’s an unfortunate and counterproductive mindset because there are many ways to ensure you’re incorporating fundamental health strategies into your life. Instead of trying to reconfigure your schedule, why not focus on regular, head-to-toe practices that affect every aspect of your mental and physical well-being? For people who don’t always have time to get to the gym, emphasizing health essentials like sleep and gut health can help you build a solid foundation for an active and fulfilling life.  

Keep it positive

Social interaction is an important part of your emotional health, though you may take it for granted sometimes. Seek the company of positive, supportive people who give you energy and make you feel good about yourself. Unsatisfying social relations can contribute to high blood pressure, inadequate sleep and other problems, so spend your leisure time around nurturing people who accept you for who you are. Set aside time to have lunch with a good friend or to get away now and then with your significant other.  

The great outdoors

Between a busy work schedule, curling up on the couch and surfing the Internet, it can be easy to lose sight of the health benefits you derive from being outside. In addition to getting fresh air into your lungs, you benefit from exposure to vitamin D, which is beneficial to your bones and teeth, cardiovascular health, and your immune and nervous systems. Vitamin D fights depression, promotes weight loss, and helps prevent diseases. So make time for a brisk walk, ride a bike, or do some lawn work (hiking with a full backpack can burn as many as 300 calories). Anything that gets you active and outdoors is to your benefit.

Don’t deprive yourself of sleep

Sleep may be the single most important factor in maintaining good mental and physical health. It’s absolutely essential for cognition and mental alertness, and it’s crucial to the health of your immune system, which means sleep helps your body fight off illness. Getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night also boosts your mood and sense of overall well-being. It helps you maintain positive personal relationships, and makes it possible to focus and stay productive at work. Be mindful of your sleep environment and make sure your bedroom is completely dark, cool and absolutely quiet at night. Additionally, get the right pillow, sheets, and mattress for how you sleep because quality sleep is just as important as quantity. Check out some products with KulKote in them that might help improve your sleep.

Nurture your gut

Like sleep, your gut affects almost every aspect of your health. A healthy microbiome is key for maintaining a healthy weight, good oral health, and a positive overall mental outlook. Protect your gut health by eliminating high-sugar, high-sodium, and processed foods and by taking a probiotic every day (fermented foods, like yogurt, are also good for gut health).  

Be a good steward of your health

Ultimately, you are the best steward and advocate for your own health. Get to the doctor and dentist on a regular basis, and make them aware of any pain or unusual symptoms. If you’re a senior, take full advantage of your Medicare coverage. If necessary, turn to alternative Medicare Advantage plans, like the ones offered by Aetna, which include vision and dental coverage (Medicare does not cover dental and vision).  Aetna also gives you access to exercise facilities nationwide. Whatever your age, always make sure you’re getting the most out of your insurance coverage.

Sleep, gut health, exercise, socialization, and regular healthcare are absolutely indispensable to anyone trying to maintain an active and robust lifestyle. Head-to-toe health strategies have a profound effect on your ability to stay positive and motivated. They’re crucial to your mood and mindset, to your outlook on life, and your self-image.

By Kimberly Hayes - www.publichealthalert.info