5 Ways to Sleep Better With a Cold

Are you trying to avoid getting sick like the plague? One of the easiest ways to dodge getting sick is sleep!

Those who are sleeping less than 5-6 hours a night are four times more likely of getting sick. With the hurried and never-ending demands of life, sleep is usually the first thing to go. It’s time to make time for sleep! Try your best to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

Even the best sleepers become susceptible to germs. If you do catch a bug, your sleep is likely to be compromised. Isn’t it dreadful to sleep with a cold? Between the sniffling, coughing, chills, headaches, etc., trying to sleep while you’re sick can be more stressful than restorative. Don't you agree that your symptoms get 10x worse at night too? The good news for you readers: If a stuffy nose is preventing you from catching those precious Zzz’s, making these small refinements to your nightly routine can help ease your discomfort.

1. Pile on the Pillows


When you’re sick, you want to sleep, but you definitely don’t want to lie down because you know it’ll make you feel worse. What a taxing time! It seems like you can’t win. However, a lot of your discomfort that arises when you sleep is due to poor positioning. To allow your nasal passages to drain properly, elevate your head. This will make is easier for you to breathe. When you lie flat on your back, the post-nasal drip takes a toll on your throat, making it harder to breathe. This will disrupt your sleep. If you don’t have a wealth of pillows to use, try sleeping in a recliner chair if accessible.

2. Get a Humidifier


If you live in a dry environment with low humidity, it may dry out your nasal passages. This makes a sore throat or stuffy nose even more uncomfortable. You will be able to sleep and breathe more easily by keeping the air in your bedroom moist. A humidifier will do just that. It’s a true miracle worker. Make sure to keep your humidifier or vaporizer clean though, they welcome mold overtime.

3. Don’t Forget the Tissues


If you are running back and forth from your bedroom and bathroom to grab tissues, you may just get your exercise in for the next day! This is a huge disruption to your sleep. Stash as many tissues on your nightstand. While you’re at it, make a pyramid with those tissue rolls! Better safe than sorry. Invest in some soft tissues that are infused with moisturizing lotion to prevent your poor Rudolph nose from becoming more irritated.

4. Use a Saline Rinse


If a congested nose is preventing you from sawing logs at night, try flushing mucus out by using a nasal saline spray or mist. You can buy a variety of over-the-counter saline sprays. Try storing your saline spray at room temperature. You can even put it near your toothbrush so you don’t forget to use it before you hit the sack!

5. Take a Hot Shower


Before you go to bed, try jumping in a nice hot shower or bath. Keep the doors closed so you trap in as much steam as possible. This will relax your muscles and open your nasal passages. Steam breaks up congestion and allows your sinuses to drain. If you have essential oils, such as lavender, try placing a few drops in your shower or bath. Lavender is proven to relax the body and mind.

It’s time to sleep off that cold! Sleeping is one of the best ways to allow your body to heal and fight off germs. With these simple few tweaks, you’ll be able to sleep more soundly. Plus, if you choose bedding with KulKote, our adhesive will regulate your body temperature as you sleep. If you are going back and forth from chills to sweats, KulKote will be a great benefactor for you, especially when you’re sick!